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Here’s what people are saying about Doctor Mama:

“Dr. Beauchamp is always on top of the latest science and knows how to translate that into daily living. It is not easy to consistently provide practical and accurate information—but Kim does it! Plus, she walks her talk which infuses her words with authenticity. Enjoy and learn!”

~Lise Alschuler, N.D., co-author, Five to Thrive: Your Cutting Edge Cancer Prevention Plan

“I’ve known Dr. Beauchamp since 1995, when she began her career in naturopathic medicine. Whether she’s in the capacity of student clinician, practicing doctor, or natural health writer, Kim approaches wellness with a discerning, inquisitive mind. She searches for the most thoroughly studied, up-to-date therapies and applies them appropriately and consistently in her work. You can trust her to provide you with dependable answers to your natural medicine questions.”

~Alan Gaby, M.D., author of the textbook, Nutritional Medicine.

“Kim has long been my go-to source when I have a question about my family’s health. When an issue comes up that I am unsure about, I trust that Kim has done the research and can clearly explain what my options are. I love that she is real and honest and struggles with real issues that all moms face and that her solutions are practical and doable for busy families.”

~Erin Barrette Goodman, yoga teacher to children, families, and educators; founder, Rhode Island Birth Network 

“I have known Dr. Kimberly Beauchamp since childhood, and it has been a joy to see her bloom over the years as she has found her joint callings in natural medicine and motherhood. I am so excited that she has merged these two passions at Doctor Mama! For years I have relied on Kim for solid advice on natural healing for my three children, ages 6 to 15. While careful to research the best possible choices, Kim is also realistic. She knows families are on budgets. She understands that we sometimes have to choose between imperfect options. She’s the real deal! I rely on Kim’s constantly growing knowledge-base of natural health care research. That plus her dedication to her own children produces trustworthy recommendations every time. Now that we are living on opposite sides of the country, I am thrilled that I can get a dose of Doctor Mama more regularly!”

~Patti Brown, author of Joyful Mama

“Dr. Kim Beauchamp has the rare combination of a top-notch holistic medical background and the ability to convey what she’s learned in easy-to-understand language. Her writing helps bring naturopathic medicine home, empowering people to take charge of their own health. But what speaks to me the most is her authenticity; there’s no judgment here, just a willingness to share her knowledge and support others on their journey to wellness.”

~Lisa Tener, mother of two school-age sons; Book Writing Coach

“I was lucky enough to meet Kim a couple of years ago and recently had a consultation with her. I was so impressed because she went from girlfriend mode to doctor mode and experiencing her in action gave me the immediate feeling that I was in competent hands. I’ve been recovering from a few big life hits, and although nothing major health wise has hit, I had been feeling a general lack of energy and an overall malaise for quite some time. As she listened to me speak, she asked questions that helped me express where the symptoms began, and before long she was contacting me with what she believed would solve the issues I was experiencing and recommended the herbal formulas and homeopathic remedy she believed would make me feel better. It’s three weeks later and I can tell you I have more energy than I have felt in years – and the best part is that it feels like it’s sustaining… not just a “burst” here and there but I realize in feeling better just how lethargic I’d really been! I’m very pleased and recommend her to anyone. She’s great because she’s a “practicing mom” just like me, who uses her knowledge to empower other moms and assist them in being well and bringing that wellness to the whole family.”

~Monica Rodgers, founder, The Revelation Project

“I have known Kim for over a year now. Our girls go to the same school and play together and we have great discussions on life in the “green” world. She is a WEALTH of knowledge (I think of her as a walking dictionary) and always has wonderful viewpoints to share. TO TOP … when the kids or I have random medical questions… she’s a naturopath doctor, too! What more could you want in a friend? She’s an amazing mom, doctor, teacher and FRIEND! Someone fun to swap mama stories, crazy kid play dates, recipes (she gives them and I take them – I guess I don’t really share on that side!), discussions on how we can all contribute to greener mama livin’!!! I love her and I’m so glad she’s in my life 🙂 Now, she’ll be in all of your lives, too.”

~Kim Mendes, mother of two school-age daughters; owner, Yoreganics

“I have worked with Dr. Beauchamp for years, and really rely on her ability to analyze science and help readers understand how to apply it to everyday life.”

~Jenefer Angell, Managing Editor, Aisle7

“As a clinician, Dr. Beauchamp puts her mind and heart into her work like no other. While her personal passions infuse her work, she is knowledgeable, inquisitive, critically astute and has the skills to help people discover and address the causes of their illnesses or imbalances. She draws from an eclectic toolbox to find individualized solutions to a wide range of conditions. She thinks systemically, with a deep appreciation for physiological processes, and recommends unique and customized approaches resulting in improved overall wellness. Her expertise is both academic and practical, and unlike many doctors, she can explain the concepts in terms that can be understood and appreciated.

Now that she is in the role of Doctor Mama, families around the globe can benefit from her years of invaluable experience.”

~Karen Fuller, NY

“Dr. Kim Beauchamp is a wealth of information on every topic that has to do with health and well-being! She is always up on the latest info, and is definitely my go-to whenever I have any questions whatsoever about natural health and parenting. (And her healthy recipes are soooo yummy too!)”

~Susan Scarlett, mother of two young children; owner, Indigo Star

“I feel truly blessed to have had Kim to consult with on health issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable, has so much experience as well as common sense, great intuition, love AND compassion. I feel doubly blessed that she is a mom and a person whom I am inspired by and whom I can call a friend.”

~Lindsey Crowninshield, mother of two teenage children; former birth doula and La Leche League leader

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